Recent Projects

Things I’ve done relatively recently



OpenRW is an open source engine written in C++ intended to be compatible with game data for the 2001 video game Grand Theft Auto III. Currently it has support for executing game script, rigid body dynamics, character interactions and hard-coded gameplay elements.

Source code is available via github

Old Projects

Projects that were sunset a long time ago.


A 3D voxel-based game engine written in C++, using Javascript for game scripts. Integrating Bullet Physics for collision detection, Google V8 for Javascript execution and OpenGL for hardware accelerated graphics.


CellSpace was an in-house engine developed for Razor Studios. The C++ engine was utilised OpenGL, PhysX and Google’s V8. The intent was to provide a high-performance native code engine, with game scripts written in javascript to allow rapid development and support for user modifications. A Qt based editor was also developed which embedded the engine directly. It was used for several internal prototypes at Razor Studios.


Simufarm was a 3D simulation title intended to compete with SimTractor. Originally using irrlicht as a basis, the project moved to use Ogre3D. It integrated PhysX for vehicle and rigid body dynamics, as well as collision detection for planting and harvesting crops.