I’m a Software Developer in London, porting C++ AAA video games to Linux.

My skills have developed working on diverse projects. My top skills are:

  • C++: Programming since 11, I’ve spent a lot of time writing C++. My current goals are to keep up with C++17 and make more use of boost in programs.
  • Software Development: Personally and as part of a team, I’ve shipped on Linux & Windows.
  • Computer Graphics: Compatability & core OpenGL; OpenGL ES and recently Vulkan.
  • Linux: I use Fedora and Ubuntu regularly.
  • Python: My go-to tool for creating web applications, data processing and general scripting.
  • Web Development: Both server-side and client side, even WebGL.

Some of the projects I have been involved with are:

  • OpenRW - Open source GTA III re-implementation; Project co-instigator
  • cinequeue - Open source remote video player
  • Simufarm - agricultural simulation video game (before it was cool) More details about these can be found on the Projects page.